All runologists and other scholars interested in runic studies are cordially invited to attend the Ninth International Symposium on Runes and Runic Inscriptions, ISSRI 9, at the Academy Sankelmark, Germany, September 2-6, 2020.

The venue at Sankelmark, a district of Oeversee in the Landesteil Schleswig of Schleswig-Holstein was specifically chosen to symbolize the joint Danish-German invitation to this symposium. For more than 60 years the academy Sankelmark (founded 1952) has been a place of cultural exchange building a bridge between nations for better and genuine understanding. We hope this genius loci will be suited and provide a fitting atmosphere for fruitful discussions, new insights and a better understanding of runic writing in its different historio-cultural contexts.

The theme of the conference is Funktionen runischer Schriftlichkeit 200–1500 AD: Textsorten und kulturhistorische Kontexte/The function of runic literacy 200 to 1500 AD: Text types and the culture-historical contexts.

The preliminary program provides room for some 50 papers including plenary lectures, project and poster presentations. The organisers hope that most of the papers will pursue the theme of the conference and focus on runic text types characteristic for one ore more of the traditional periods of runic writing, i.e. 1, the Late Roman Iron Age and Germanic Iron Age, period 2, the Viking Age, and period 3, the Middle Ages. Priority will be given to those papers that contribute to the conference theme. Papers with a special focus on methodological aspects, on mono- or multidisciplinary approaches to establishing runic text types are also very welcome.

In addition, specific thematic session on current issues in runology, such as digital runes/runology and new runic editions, will be scheduled depending on the number of proposals submitted. More information on this specific thematic sessions will follow in due course.