Preliminary Programme

Monday (or Sunday), September 20 (or 19) will be reserved for arrival and registration. The programme will formally begin with an opening ceremony on Tuesday (or Monday), September 21 (or 20) and conclude with a banquet on Friday evening, September 24 at the Borgerforeningen, Flensburg. (Monday,) Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday will be reserved for presentations.

A half-day excursion 🔗 on the afternoon/evening of Tuesday, September 21 will go to Schloss Gottorf, Schleswig (Nydam and Schleswig exhibitions) and Haithabu (trading centre, runic objects and rune stones).

There will be four optional full-day excursions 🔗 on Thursday, September 23 to places of runic and archaeological interest:

  1. Illerup and Moesgård (with a special focus on runic finds and sites of the Late Roman Iron Age and Germanic Iron Age)
  2. Ribe and Malt (with a special focus on runic finds and sites of the Viking Age)
  3. Oldenburg and Lübeck(with a special focus on runic finds and sites of the Middle Ages)
  4. Isle of Föhr (with a special focus on Frisian sites, historico-cultural excursion, OBS: no runic excursion proper as no runic finds!).


Monday (or Sunday), September 20th(19th) arrival and registration
Tuesday (or Monday), September 21st(20th) opening ceremony, presentations
Tuesday, September 21sthalf-day excursion
Wednesday, September 22snd presentations
Thursday, September 23rd full-day excursions 🔗
Friday, September 24th presentations, conference dinner
Saturday, September 25th departure